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Booking Terms & Conditions 

Bookings can be made by


Telephone 01495 832763

Tel/Text 07495 152997

Or by using the website booking form on the book online page.


An automated confirmation email will be sent to you for each booking made detailing the date and time of the show, the cost and the payment method.

Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque on the day to the artiste or by BACS.

Please note that musiCare's BACS terms are payment within 7 days of the show or invoice date (whichever is the latter) Alternatively where 7 days is not possible a BACS agreement can be made in writing.

Where Purchase Order Numbers are required - we would need this information at the time of booking. Bookings made without a PO Number will be provided on the understanding that our terms and conditions begin on the date of the confirmed booking. 

A late payment fee of £30 will be charged for any invoices that remain unpaid after 31 days of the performance or invoice date - whichever is the latter. Subsequent £10 late payment fees will be added for every 7 days thereafter.


Cancellation Policy. Free up until 7 days before the show. 50% of the fee 3 to 6 days before. Full fee if 2 days or less to the show.

musiCare artistes will provide their own equipment and will carry individual Public Liability Insurance. 

The venue must provide safe electricity points and a suitable space for the artistes performance.


musiCare requires that there are at least 2 members of staff present in the performance area at all times during the show. If this is not adhered to at ANY TIME during the performance - the show will be stopped and could see the show cancelled with full payment required.

We see the show as an event that should include as many people as possible. Residents Their families and Staff.

Interaction and staff participation are vital to the quality of the show and to the benefits obtained by residents.


An automated feedback form is issued for EVERY show . Please use it as it helps us to ensure that our standards remain at the highest possible levels at all times. We need to know about any issues or complaints as soon as possible after the show.

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